90 Minute Workshops

Designed to fit around the schedules of busy executives, these high impact performance workshops share practical tools to help delegates increase collaboration, focus and teamwork.
Jeremy Snape Keynote Speaker

Focus + Format

90-Minute Workshops can be delivered as a ‘lunch and learn’ or built into a management away day. These punchy performance sessions can also be cascaded across several teams on the same day.


We take you Inside the Mind of Champions®, exploring exclusive, inspiring insights from elite coaches, athletes and high performers.


Expert facilitators simplify complex theories into practical models which relate to your specific performance challenges.


Delegates then develop an action plan that will deliver immediate results in the workplace.


Workshops can be selected individually or built into an agile learning programme to keep your teams focused and motivated.
Winning Mindset Series

The Winning Mindset Series

Thriving under Pressure:
Practical tools to help you deliver greater results in high pressure situations.

Gold Medal Focus:
Learn the essential skills to maximise your impact in a world of information overload.

Learn to become more resilient to change and overcome setbacks faster than your competition by developing a growth mindset.

Energy Management:
Insights and tips from experts in nutrition, exercise and sleep to boost productivity and wellbeing at work.

Leadership Series

The Leadership Series

Game Changing Leadership:
Practical techniques to lead with impact and create a high performing environment.

Managing Difficult Conversations:
Develop a winning game plan to build confidence and courage to successfully tackle difficult conversations.

Coaching Mindset:
Unique insights from elite coaches to help you maximise the potential of your staff and deliver greater results.

Elite Team Series

The Elite Teams Series

Elite Team Culture:
Learn the secrets which keep the world’s best sporting teams at the top to give your team the edge.

Driving Innovation:
Practical tools to develop a culture of innovation around your team’s key strengths.

Maximising Performance through Diversity:
Enhance the quality of your team’s results by leveraging the intellectual diversity of your people.

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