Driving Change and Innovation

Change is a constant characteristic of the modern workplace. With technology driving this process ever faster, companies with the ability to cope effectively with continuous change and uncertainty have a competitive advantage.

Sir Mathew Pinsent CBE

Sir Mathew Pinsent CBE
4 x Olympic Gold Medallist, Rowing

Focus + Approach

Sport’s relentless pursuit of improvement teaches us that last year’s personal best performance create the baseline expectation for the year ahead. This relentless pursuit of improvement has driven a culture of innovation in the search for marginal gains. By embracing the positive mindset for innovation and change, your business will remain agile and competitive.

Focused topics covered include:

Coping with Change

Individuals, teams or organisations can either initiate change or react to it. Coping with change relates to the response to change which you are exposed to.

Courage Goals Overcoming Setbacks Past Successes Personal Identity Resistance


Translating an idea or invention into a something beneficial or has an impact on performance.

Applied Innovation Creativity Future Trends Neuroscience Problem Solving

Leading Change

Create a culture of innovation to avoid complacency. Re-connecting with your team's purpose to sustain motivation.

Goals Inspiring Communication Story-telling Support Trust Vision

"You have to find a way to be successful, to become resilient in the face of adversity and setbacks."

Dame Sarah Storey
Multiple Paralympic Gold Medallist - Cycling