Case Study: EDF

The Challenge

EDF Energy is one Europe’s biggest energy producers and has a global reputation for its low carbon energy production. With staff based in call centres, administration hubs and at power stations, EDF has set up the ‘Campus’ project to equip the business with the mindset, skills and behaviours it needs to drive a competitive and sustainable future.

With a geographically spread workforce, EDF is looking for partners who can flex their style and provide high impact learning resources which can be accessed from central offices as well as in the field by mobile devices. With safety, efficient teams and strong leadership required throughout the business, learning is a key part of the culture for EDF Energy.

The Solution

Sporting Edge was appointed to deliver a range of interactive masterclasses from our High Performance Series. The initial cohort for these sessions was the Campus Group themselves. The need to energise and inspire this key group came first so that they could cascade the ideas and learning materials through the organisation as a later phase.

Sporting Edge consultants Jeremy Snape, Michael Caulfield and David Young led the delegates through workshops on the following topics:

Mental Toughness and Resilience
Coaching for Results
High Performing Teams

EDF has a strong affinity with sport as a sponsor of many international sporting events including the Olympics. Sporting Edge’s experience of playing, coaching and supporting elite sports teams gave a great affinity for this project.

"Sporting Edge have inspirational content that relates to everyday business challenges and expert facilitators who work closely with us to translate these external examples back to our into our business – it’s very powerful for developing learning."

Dave Drury - Chancellor EDF Energy Campus