Case Study: Rajastan Royals

The Challenge

In 2008 the Indian Premier League was formed bringing together the biggest stars in world cricket to play in the most lucrative tournament in history. Cricketing legends from across the sporting world were signed on record breaking salaries and combined with local Indian players to form exciting new franchises.

Rajasthan Royals cost $67million to create and due to its lack of ‘star’ players was immediately coined ‘underdogs’ against its more expensive rivals. The team was brand new so there was no culture, no heritage and no common bond in the team apart from cricket. With Shane Warne as captain the ‘Royals’ needed to prove their doubters wrong.

The Solution

Jeremy joined the Royals and formed a strong alliance with Shane Warne in developing a number of initiatives around the team culture. The creative process of defining identity, brand and values within the team followed along with clear roles and expectations.

As the team developed, leadership groups were formed along with mentoring of the junior players by the International stars. This work alongside the mental skills work which Jeremy carried out to help the players cope with the unprecedented media coverage.

While many of the favourite teams focussed on individual stars, the Royals won 10 of their 12 group games and beat Chennai in the 2008 final to become Champions.

Jeremy continued to support the Royals throughout the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons.

"Jeremy’s ability to blend management skills, performance psychology and cricket strategy was a key element in the Royals being crowned inaugural IPL Champions in 2008. His work with the senior players in creating a winning mindset and strong team culture was excellent."

Manoj Bedale - Chairman, Rajasthan Royals