Learning Campaigns

We understand the challenge of driving culture change in busy organisations — bringing your strategy to life is key. Our learning campaigns provide bite-sized behavioural ‘nudges’ to engage your audience in fresh performance conversations and habits.

High Performance Learning Campaign

The Details

Whether you are trying to create a shared mindset across a large distributed workforce or continue the learner momentum after a live event, Sporting Edge’s digital content inspires people to change.

When you partner with us, our Learning Managers will help you to find the best engagement strategies based on the unique rhythm and culture of your business. We’ll combine our world-class video content and toolkits with your strategic messages to ensure that your audience receive content that’s relevant, interesting and fun.

We’ll also share powerful user analytics to demonstrate the live trends and engagement across your departments and levels. This balance of creativity and commercial rigour will allow you to become more agile, targeted and responsive to your audience.

Contact us today to see how your organisation could benefit from our digital learning campaigns.

Key Benefits

  1. Powerful way to engage a global team
  2. Video-based content provides bite-sized learning
  3. Content tailored to your business
  4. Can be co-branded with your brand
  5. Analytics to measure impact and effectiveness

"Sporting Edge’s digital content allowed us to cascade the impact of our Sales Conference across the whole dealer network."

Richard Hudson, BMW