Our Approach

Our unique approach fuses engaging video content and real-life storytelling with proven psychology to create mindset and behaviour change

Inside the Mind of Champions®

Blending a decade of research across sport, psychology and business, Sporting Edge takes you Inside the Mind of Champions® to explore powerful stories, insights and strategies from the world's best thinkers and performers. From Olympic gold medallists and neuroscientists to leaders in the military and performing arts — we have captured over 850 video micro lessons to help you thrive in today‚Äôs pressurised business environment.

Blended learning approach

Unique Learning Framework

Our Winning Mindset learning framework features exclusive content and toolkits to develop high performing individuals, leaders and teams in your organisation. Our expertise of creating live corporate events and digital content in these areas is unmatched.

Personal Mindset Performance Development

Boost your personal and professional development with this essential toolkit designed to help you deliver your personal best in challenging times. Explore and develop the six essential components of individual performance. Gain insights from Olympic champions, neuroscientists and performance experts.

Areas of Focus:

Personal Drive Confidence Focus Resilience Energy Management Performing Under Pressure

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Leadership mindset coaching

Leaders face more pressure and expectation than ever. Maximise your leadership impact by developing key areas of your leadership such as personal impact, communication and decision making. Explore exclusive insights and strategies from the world's top coaches, communication experts and military leaders.

Areas of Focus:

Personal Impact Direction and Purpose Communication Decision Making Leading Change Coaching

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Team Mindset Development

Teamwork is so powerful but so rare. Learn how to build stronger and more agile teams. Become slicker, more aligned and more efficient by learning the methods and strategies of elite teams such as Team Sky, South Africa Cricket, England Football, The All Blacks and F1 teams.

Areas of Focus:

Roles & Goals Motivation & Engagement Trust & Conflict Managing Mavericks Innovation Inclusion & Collaboration

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