Develop a high performing team culture in your organisation by learning from some of the world's most successful teams

Develop an elite, high performing team

Create a high performing and collaborative team culture with 'The Winning Mindset for Teams'. Sporting Edge will help you develop identity, trust, clarity and focus — powered by insights from some of the world's most successful elite teams such as Team Sky, South Africa Cricket and The All Blacks.

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Featured Insights

Bernard Petiot

Vice-President — Cirque du Soleil

How important is diversity?

Kate Richardson

GB & England Hockey Captain

How do elite teams generate ownership?

Paul McGinley

Former Golfer — Ryder Cup Winning Captain

How can I create a team bond?

Topics + Focus

This content focuses on overcoming some of the most common dysfunctions when individuals work together in teams.
Winning Mindset for Teams

Purpose and Identity

How elite teams leverage their unique story to drive emotional engagement and belonging.

Goals and Roles

How to build the clarity and accountability that is essential to deliver results.

Trust and Conflict

How to build strong personal relationships which can withstand the respectful challenge needed for success.

Motivation and Engagement

how to create an environment where discretional effort and sacrifice are the norm.

Diversity and Collaboration

How to harness diverse skills, cultures and experiences around a shared goal.

Managing Mavericks

How to manage the talented performer who threatens the team rules and culture.

Agility and Innovation

How to accelerate change, decisions and learning to exploit future opportunities.

Perfect For

Establishing Trust, Clarity and Goals

Establish trust, clarity and goals within a new team to ensure they can deliver success

Bringing Together Virtual Teams

Bring together virtual teams by establishing common language and content to galvanise their culture

Getting Your Team Back on Track

Fix a dysfunctional team with a credible external intervention to get them back on track

Fresh Ideas and Challenges

For successful or established teams, get a fresh challenge to stay sharp and avoid complacency

Mako case study

Case Study: Mako Global Trading

Mako Trading engaged Sporting Edge to provide high performance insights and executive coaching to the management team and traders. The parallels of statistical transparency and teamwork between the sporting and financial sector allow powerful coaching impacts to be made.

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