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Episode 12

The Winning Mindset for Entrepreneurs

"In times of adversity and uncertainty, entrepreneurs need a potent combination of courage, resilience and optimism."

SMEs make up about 99% of the UK economy. Viewing this data alongside the fact that we’re battling this global pandemic, business owners need to maintain their energy, tenacity and guiding principles more than ever.

In this episode, Jeremy takes in questions from listeners and delves into the Sporting Edge digital library for answers. Hear what former Champion jockey Sir A.P McCoy has learnt about mental toughness, and 16-year-old AI Expert Tanmay Bakshi’s philosophy about failure. We also unpick the advice from British cycling coach Sir Dave Brailsford, executive coach and former COO Morgan Stanley Europe May Busch, and British sports administrator Baroness Sue Campbell about the tenacity needed to succeed in your field.

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