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Episode 18

Motivation: Mind the GAPS

"Society tells us that money, fame and getting to number one are the best motivators — but the most powerful motivators can come from within."

Becoming a champion takes incredible sacrifice and discipline. It’s not easy. Which is why understanding our motivations is key. What’s your goal? How much do you want it? How long are you willing to chase it for? In this episode we explore the science of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation so that you can identify the GAPS.

Learn about Champion Jockey AP McCoy’s fear of failure and how Olympian Amy Williams strives for continual improvement. Jeremy also picks from the Sporting Edge digital library with insights from former SA Cricket National Team Manager Dr Mohammed Moosajee, futurist James Wallman and 4-time Olympic gold winner Sir Matthew Pinsent. It’s time for businesses to strive for longer-term, more sustainable motivation, and learn how to stay on top.

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