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The Winning Mindset is a 30 day online coaching programme brought to you by one of the world's leading names in performance psychology — Jeremy Snape. From elite football, cricket and rugby to the corporate arena, Jeremy's expertise is behind some of the world's most successful teams.

With just 5 minutes of powerful micro-learning each day, featuring exclusive insights, tips and techniques from international sports stars, coaches, neuroscientists and performance experts, this is the ultimate performance hack to raise your game.


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Programme Learning Structure

The Winning Mindset programme is underpinned by a decade of research into the psychology of success. It simplifies the six essential drivers of the winning mindset into practical daily habits to accelerate your personal and professional development.

Winning Mindset Programme Timeline


Personal Drive

How to set out and achieve ambitious personal goals.





How to maximise your impact and productivity.





How to build and retain unshakable belief in your ability.




Energy Management

How to enhance your wellbeing to sustain your success.




Learning Mindset

How to constantly improve from both setbacks and success.




Performing Under Pressure

How to deliver your best game when you need it most.


Meet the Game-Changers

The programme features over 40 contributors from sport, neuroscience and performance psychology including Sir Mo Farah, Gareth Southgate, Shane Warne and Dame Sarah Storey.

Sir AP McCoySir AP McCoy
Former Champion Jockey
Matthew Pinsent Mathew Pinsent
Olympic Rowing Champion
Eni Aluko Eni Aluko
Chelsea & England Footballer
Garreth Southgate Gareth Southgate
England Football Manager
Sir Dave Brailsford Sir Dave Brailsford
General Manager, Team Sky
Victoria Marr Victoria Marr
Former Principal Ballerina, Royal Ballet
Mo Farah Sir Mo Farah
Multiple Olympic Gold Medalist, Running
Amy Williams Amy Williams
Winter Olympic Gold Medalist, Skeleton
Ade Adepitan Ade Adepitan MBE
Paralympic Medalist, Wheelchair Basketball
Annabel Croft Annabel Croft
TV Presenter & Former Tennis Pro
Paul McGinley Paul McGinley
Ryder Cup Winning Golf Captain
Shane Warne Shane Warne
Former Professional Cricket Player
Tara Swart Dr Tara Swart
Neuroscience & Leadership Coach
Nasser Husain Nasser Hussain
Former England Cricket Captain
Anna Richards Anna Richards
Former New Zealand Rugby Union Player, now Coach
Lucy Giles Lieutenant Colonel Lucy Giles
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
James Wallman James Wallman
Futurist & Author
Sheelagh Mcnamara Sheelagh Mcnamara
Voice, Speech and Presentation Coach, RADA
Sir AP McCoy Sir AP McCoy OBE
Former Champion Jockey
Baroness Sue Campbell Baroness Sue Campbell CBE
Head of Women's Football
+ more winning insights
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Key Features + Format

Designed to fit around your daily schedule, the video-based format combined with on-demand access allows you to learn in high impact bursts or dive deeper when you have more time.



The programme is hosted on a browser-based app. There’s no need to install any software and you can login on-demand from your PC, tablet or mobile.



Winning Mindset Profile

We kick off by assessing your current strengths, establishing the key areas to focus on during the programme. We re-assess at the end of the programme to measure your progress.



Daily 5-Minute Insights

You’ll receive daily video insights presented by Jeremy, featuring expert tips and techniques from world class performers. Each micro lesson includes clear learning points and practical applications.



Layered Learning

Each insight is supported by activity sheets, whitepapers or additional resources, giving you the option of exploring the topic further at your own pace or preference.



Live Webinars

The programme starts and concludes with live webinars hosted by Jeremy. These are an opportunity to ask questions, give feedback and gain extra insight.



Social Collaboration

You can also collaborate, discuss or share experiences and stories with other Winning Mindset delegates from across the world, via our ‘Join the Conversation’ feature.


Personal and Professional Benefits

Winning Mindset learning programme

The personal and professional benefits you will gain from the Winning Mindset programme are:

  • Developing greater self-awareness of your strengths, skills and abilities
  • Increasing your resilience to recover faster from setbacks and criticism
  • Learning how to avoid distractions and deliver more impact in less time
  • Thinking more clearly and perform at your best in high pressure situations
  • Creating a toolkit of resources to support you in achieving career-best results
  • Accumulating 35 CPD learning hours towards your continuous professional development 


Business Impact and Engagement

The modern learner craves bite-sized strategies that inspire them to new levels of performance. With increasing workloads and decreasing concentration spans, digital micro-lessons offer the perfect way to engage your team in practical, regular on-the-job learning. Participant analytics from the Winning Mindset Programme illustrate the high acceptance of this type of learning and the key trends in user behaviour and business impact.

Av. Engagement Rate
Would recommend the programme to a colleague or friend
Behaviour change starts when increased awareness leads to new thinking and small changes that become habits. Analysis of the participant profiles from a variety of business sectors have reported significant uplift across six key areas impacting personal and professional performance. Participants have also reported an indirect positive impact on their team’s energy, motivation and results.
Personal Drive
Energy Management
Learning Mindset
Performing Under Pressure

"I'm really excited about sharing the inspirational insights from these proven champions to help you achieve your goals. You'll discover new strategies for breaking out of your comfort zone, becoming more productive and thriving under pressure."


Trusted by Global Leaders and Professionals

The Winning Mindset is helping individuals across a range of business sectors to perform better, contribute more and deliver greater business value.

Mark Spellman


Mark Spellman, Global MD

Lucy Giles

Sandhurst Royal Military Academy

Lieutenant-Colonel Lucy Giles

Andy Lancaster, CIPD


Andy Lancaster, Head of Learning & Development


Overall Learning Experience - Av. Rating

"I used the learnings with my team - new focus, drive and belief has delivered above target performance in every member."

Claire, Regional Sales Manager — Pharmaceuticals

"Through the practical tips and understanding of physiological drivers it turns out that I am actually succeeding in doing more."

Craig, Contracts Manager Manager — Construction

"I’m now getting a better perspective on the issues at hand, it’s allowing me to bounce back better from setbacks and focus on my priorities."

Swapnil, Executive Director — Investment Banking

"This has kick-started my planning and organisational skills, which have really strengthened my proposed deliverables for the year. I’ve now had the courage to set a big goal."

Connie, Head of Talent — Investment Banking

"It has given me a 'recipe for life' - by balancing the six main ingredients of the course I can now stay focused, motivated and physically able to deliver on my goals."

Joan — Telecoms Manager

"Thank you for providing a good toolkit to help me take stock, assess my goals / priorities and to make me more effective in my roles."

Jason, Commercial Manager — Construction


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30-day programme commencing 8 November 2019

Suitable for individuals


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30-day programme commencing 8 November 2019

Suitable for companies of any scale

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What will the Winning Mindset Programme do for me?
Everything you are and everything you have achieved reflects your fundamental beliefs about what you believe is possible. Imagine what could you achieve if you had the mindset of an elite athlete and the backing of the world's best coaches...

The programme will help you to think differently and learn new strategies to help you at work and in your personal life – such as reaching for a promotion or new career, attaining higher performance goals, or increasing your confidence and coping skills to deal with change and uncertainty.
Who is Jeremy Snape?
A former England cricketer turned international coach, Jeremy Snape’s knowledge of the high performance mindset is unparalleled. His story, approach and research is unique — from Premier League football to the Olympics, he has interviewed some of the world’s most successful athletes and coaches to discover their winning insights. Jeremy has worked with some very successful corporate clients, including Barclays, BMW, Unilever, Sky, Deloitte, KPMG, MundiPharma, Societe General, delivering team culture, leadership and executive coaching programmes. On the sporting front Jeremy has held roles as Performance Coach in Premier League Football, International Rugby, South Africa Cricket as well as Shane Warne's victorious Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League. Rapidly becoming one of the most recognised names in sport psychology, Jeremy is regularly interviewed by national newspapers, Sky Sports and BBC Radio 5 Live.
Who are the Winning Mindset experts?
Experts include World champions, coaches, and thought leaders from the worlds of sports and athletics, neuroscience and behavioural science, psychology and medicine, entertainment, the military, and communications. Individuals such as, Mo Farah, Sir Dave Brailsford, Boris Becker and Dame Sarah Storey share their tips, secrets and techniques with you. With over 50 contributors sharing their powerful lessons and practical tool, you’re sure to be inspired.
What information is required to enrol?
When you buy the programme, we will automatically send you an online enrolment form to complete. This form will ask you to provide your contact details and some personal information about you, such as the industry you work in and your job title. You will also be asked to complete an online diagnostic so that you have a reference point against which to measure your progress.

Once we have your details we will set you up on the programme, giving you access to the online programme dashboard and sending you a starter pack.
When will I receive my login?
You will receive your login to the Winning Mindset dashboard once we have received your enrolment details. This will be sent by email.
How much time per day does the programme take?
The Winning Mindset programme has been designed so that you can spend as little as five minutes per day watching the video insights. If you want to delve deeper in to the daily topics, then you can choose which supplementary material you want to read or activities you want to complete.
I’ve got a promotional code, how do I use it?
You will be asked for a promotional code when you are completing the purchase.
What if I change my mind?
After purchasing the programme, you will have a 14-day cooling-off period. If you log on to the Winning Mindset dashboard within the 14-days, the remaining days will be forfeited and you will have entered a binding contract with Sporting Edge.
What are the browser and device requirements?
The system works with all popular browsers and devices, across desktop, tablet and mobile.
Do I need to download an app?
No you do not need to download an app. Our app runs in your browser.
What countries is the programme available in?
The Winning Mindset programme is available worldwide.
Is the programme available in different languages?
The programme is currently available in English only.