Whitepaper: The Will to Win

Seven leadership lessons from Gareth Southgate’s transformation of the England Football Team

The 2018 FIFA World CupTM has been widely acclaimed as one of the most exciting in decades. With high pressure moments and underdog wins, the Russian edition has captured everyone’s attention. Central to the story has been the transformation of the England Team, widely expected to struggle with their inexperienced team, they have smashed the public’s expectation by reaching their first World Cup semi-final for 28 years.

Beyond the results, it’s how the England team have gone about their business which has been most impressive. Manager Gareth Southgate has proven to be an impressive leader with calm management, incisive strategies and clear communication which have instilled a sense of focus and confidence in his team.

Sporting Edge Senior Consultant Michael Caulfield worked closely with Gareth Southgate for several years at the start of his management career at Middlesbrough FC. As part of Sporting Edge’s innovative research into the Winning Mindset, Michael interviewed Gareth to explore how his philosophy and strategies could be applied to business. In this brief whitepaper we highlight seven lessons from Gareth Southgate’s leadership style that the nation’s managers and business leaders can learn from.level.

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