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“Sporting Edge’s digital content has inspired new thinking and ideas across our global MD population. The short, concise format being immediately accessible works really well for leaders with little time to prioritise learning”

Hana Searson — Director, Barclays Leadership Academy

The Challenge


Barclays is one of the biggest players in the global financial services market. It moves, lends, invests and protects money for 48 million customers and clients worldwide.

The Barclays team in Canary Wharf wanted to increase the diversity of learning solutions within their newly established Leadership Academy offering, and were attracted to Sporting Edge as experts in elite performance, specifically our unique video content. Digital learning had proved popular with executive teams and as they had already defined a leadership syllabus that directly supported their business requirements they were keen that there was an explicit ‘match’ of the external content to their own.

The Solution

To build engagement and inspiration around the new learning resources, Barclays commissioned Sporting Edge to design and deliver a number of ‘Leadership Cohort’ sessions across the Managing Director and Board population. These 90-120 minute sessions focused on key areas of leadership such as Driving Change, Resilience and Developing High Performing Teams. The sessions showcased best practice from neuroscience, Olympic sport and the performing arts.

Following the success of these cohort events, the Managing Directors wanted to be able to use the content in off-job events as well as it having the capability to be accessed direct on their mobile devices and tablets.

Sporting Edge produced a bespoke Barclay’s homepage within the our digital learning platform, The Mindset Toolkit. This branded area tied into the rest of their ‘Leadership Academy’ resources and the global MD community were given seamless access to the video insights and learning resources to use in over 20 different countries.

We also curated our video library against Barclay’s leadership syllabus to ensure that all the messaging was aligned to business impact. Regular digital newsletters were created on these core topics to fit against the priorities of the business calendar (such as Strategy or Goal Setting) to ensure that they could be used straight away in the relevant business context.

The Result


The Barclays Leadership Academy were delighted with the engagement levels across the senior leadership teams and were receiving regular emails to thank them for providing access to such high quality, targeted and resources.

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“I regard Jeremy and Sporting Edge as one of the key ingredients in the successful transformation that our organisation has undergone over the past few years.”

Alberto Martinez — International Leader, Pharmaceuticals