The Winning Mindset Framework

Sporting Edge has studied the world’s elite performers for more than a decade and found that they share these six transformational mindsets.

The skills underpinning these mindsets will help you to thrive in periods of uncertainty and pressure.

Growth Mindset

We’ve traditionally viewed the world’s elite performers as different, with a special talent or innate intelligence that separates them from the rest. However, our research has shown the importance of broader factors to sustained success, such as tenacity, deliberate practice, coachability and learning from others.

At this time of widespread change, organisations that rely solely on natural intelligence and talent can encounter behaviours that limit their progress. The result is a lack of risk-taking, collaboration and learning that causes stagnation and frustration. Organisations that foster a growth mindset encourage curiosity, creative problem-solving, and learning rapidly from mistakes. In these environments, people seek fresh challenges rather than trying to protect their old achievements.

We’ve interviewed Olympic medallists, coaches, learning specialists, and business leaders to capture how a growth mindset gave them the confidence to embrace mistakes and persevere in the most challenging situations.


Performance Themes

  • Move from fixed to growth mindsets
  • Reduce fear of failure
  • Develop and grow
  • Embrace experimentation and mistakes
  • Foster psychological safety
  • Create a learning culture

Growth Mindset

High performing cultures expect people to be better this year than they were last year. The only way to stay ahead is to learn and adapt faster than our rivals. Sporting Edge’s growth mindset toolkit gives people practical strategies to break out of their comfort zone and achieve their personal best performances.

Contributing Experts

“The partnership with Sporting Edge is really important for us because they offer to us content we wouldn’t be able to capture ourselves. Sporting Edge is producing high quality bite-sized digital content which fulfils key learning needs.”

Andy Lancaster – Head of Learning and Development, CIPD

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