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“The integration of Sporting Edge's digital library into our leadership programmes has been a strategic move that allowed us to effortlessly pull the digital lever and enrich our offerings with their inspirational management insights."

Louisa Griffiths — Head of Leadership Development, Frasers Group

The Challenge


Frasers Group, a prominent retail consortium, is a dynamic force in the global retail landscape. Renowned for its diverse portfolio of brands spanning sports, lifestyle, and fashion, Frasers Group operates with a commitment to delivering unique and compelling retail experiences.

Headquartered in the UK, the group’s influence extends internationally, contributing to its status as a key player in the ever-evolving retail sector. With a strategic focus on innovation and customer-centric approaches, Frasers Group continues to influence the retail landscape, offering a wide array of products and services that cater to the dynamic preferences of today’s consumers.

In 2021, to support the growth of its business and large leadership group, Frasers Group engaged Sporting Edge to partner with them to create and deliver a wide range of digital learning solutions integrated into its leadership learning offer.

The Solution

For Frasers Group’s 2,500 managers and leaders, we curated a digital learning library aligned with Frasers core values and leadership competencies. This library features content from our extensive expert interviews. This content was seamlessly integrated into Frasers’ Learning Experience Platform (LXP) with Single Sign-On functionality, ensuring user-friendly accessibility. The library boasts high usage and engagement metrics, providing invaluable insights to the learning team regarding the most relevant and impactful topics

For Fraser Group’s flagship ‘Managing Without Limits’ leadership programme, we collaborated with Frasers’ Learning & Development and Technical teams to design and build six bespoke microcourses. We combined Frasers’ proprietary learning materials with Sporting Edge’s content and research, ensuring these six courses were an integral part of the programme delivery and enriched the learner’s experience.

Complementing this, we also developed three bespoke podcasts addressing key managerial topics; Preparing for Peak Trading, The Importance of Performance Reviews and Coaching for Performance. These podcasts included recorded questions from leaders across the Frasers Group and references to additional resources available on Frasers Group’s LXP.

Sporting Edge founder and former England cricketer Jeremy Snape provided the opening keynote address entitled “The Winning Mindset for Business”, which proved to be the top ranking session alongside a session on neuroscience.

The Result


The integration of Sporting Edge’s digital library into our leadership programmes has been a strategic move that allowed us to effortlessly pull the digital lever and enrich our offerings with their inspirational management insights. The library seamlessly aligns with our management competencies, ensuring that the content resonates with our organisational goals and objectives.

What truly sets Sporting Edge apart is their deep understanding of Frasers Group’s culture. They have gone above and beyond in aligning their offerings with our tone of voice, values, and operating principles. This customised approach has made their management insights more relatable and impactful, resonating with our managers on a deeper level.

The collaborative relationship with the Sporting Edge team has been nothing short of fantastic. Our Learning Manager, Sam Turnbull, has been exceptionally helpful and demonstrates a profound understanding of our unique needs and requirements. The ease with which they align and design content tailored to our specific needs reflects their commitment to our success.

One of the standout features of our collaboration has been the effortless integration of Sporting Edge’s offerings with our Learning Experience Platform. The single sign-on functionality has streamlined accessibility and enhanced the overall learning journey for our managers. The success of our programmes is a testament to the outstanding content, collaboration and support we have received from the Sporting Edge team.

Louisa Griffiths, Head of Leadership Development

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“The partnership with Sporting Edge is really important for us because they offer to us content which we wouldn't be able to capture ourselves.  Sporting Edge is producing high quality bite-sized digital content which fulfils key learning needs”

Andy Lancaster — Head of Learning & Development, CIPD

“Sporting Edge’s digital content has inspired new thinking and ideas across our global MD population. The short, concise format being immediately accessible works really well for leaders with little time to prioritise learning”

Hana Searson — Director, Barclays Leadership Academy