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Ministry of Defence

Sporting Edge was commissioned to design and deliver a senior leaders workshop for the Generals course at Sandhurst Military Academy.

Services provided:

“Sport and what Sporting Edge does, has got huge read over in to almost everything else that everybody else does.”

Major General Andrew Sharpe CBE PhD — British Army

The Challenge


Our clients from the Sandhurst Military academy wanted to re-appraise elements of their leadership development programme and recognised that much of the work in performance psychology in sport would have a direct relevance to their audience.

They approached the Sporting Edge team as experts in this field and asked them to propose how ‘The Winning Mindset’ thinking and behaviour strategies could compliment their offering for their most senior leadership programmes.

The Solution


We worked closely with the academy’s learning team as part of their project and developed bespoke modules that explore the leader’s role in establishing a high-performance environment. It was critical that our approach specifically targeted the needs of this unique audience and environment but still enabled the group to look at practices in elite fields that prompted thinking and debate.

The Result


The modules have been embedded in the overall programme and are regularly evaluated for their impact. The style, sporting heritage, access to thought leaders through the digital content and expert psychologist facilitation perform exceptionally well with the audience providing a unique contribution to their learning experience.

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