Winning mindset for leaders programme

Become a World-Class Leader

Learn how to take your leadership to the next level with this inspirational digital coaching programme. Discover 100s of new strategies which deliver immediate business impact.

Access: Cloud-based

Duration: 12 weeks

Commitment: 1 hour per week

Format: Online Video Learning

Learn How to Lead Through Uncertainty

Today’s leaders play a vital role in helping their teams and businesses navigate uncertainty. Our mindset will be the key to our success. This is your opportunity to access transformational solutions from some of the world’s leading thinkers, strategists and coaches.

Learn From World-Class Leaders

Sporting Edge takes you Inside the Mind of Champions. When you join this programme, you’ll learn practical new strategies from some of the most successful leaders from elite sport, the military, academia, the performing arts, and business.

Programme modules & topics

This innovative programme is underpinned with a decade of research into the psychology of success. It follows a simple learning structure with three core modules and 12 topics which address all the attributes a leader needs to be successful in the current climate.

Flexible on-demand learning

Designed to fit around your team’s busy schedule, the video-based format combined with on-demand access allows them to learn in high impact bursts or dive deeper when they have more time. We’ll also inspire them everyday to make them really engage with the programme.

Business Impact & Reviews

Analysis of participant’s post programme profiles, along with anecdotal feedback, shows a significant uplift in leadership thinking and performance on completion of this programme.

Leading Self
Leading Other
Leading Organisation

Benefits and outcomes


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a senior management team or a leadership cohort, this programme will transform the way you lead.

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Winning mindset for leaders

Suitable for cohorts of 20, 50, 100+