Episode 48

2022 – Still Loading?

“After the adversity we’ve endured we need to be realistic with our goals – one poor choice isn’t a disaster”

Does the start of 2022 feel like a buffering wheel to you? We have all felt overwhelmed in one way or another during the pandemic, so setting unrealistic goals in January is more likely going to increase our stress levels. In this episode I reflect on stepping away from having an all-or-nothing approach with goal-setting, and how we can be more proactive with taking time out.

In this episode I pick some key insights from author and CEO World magazine columnist Campbell Macpherson where he talks about considering the emotional toll when challenges have been thrust upon us. Find out also from clinical and performance psychologist Jonathan Fader about what to do with a relapse or setback.

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“I visualised every corner and played it back in my mind to help me to feel more comfortable in the race”

Listen to: Amy Williams MBE
Episode 49

Amy Williams MBE

Former skeleton racer and Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams MBE is an individual driven by ambitious goals that are backed by a disciplined process. Although unable to qualify for the 2006 Winter Olympics, she was a member of the Great Britain team four years later at the Vancouver Games. She...


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