Episode 20

6 Star Decision Making

“Ultimately, we are defined by the decisions we make and experience is our best teacher.”

From the interviews I’ve conducted at Sporting Edge, a clear theme is that to move forward we need to make decisions. This episode explores six strategies to make better quality decisions, through a diverse range of experts across sport, business, academia, and the military.

Hear from experts like the former COO Morgan Stanley Europe May Busch, Professor of Business Management at Leeds University Bill Gerrard, and Professor Wandi Bruine de Bruin. The conversation with neuroscientist John Coates uncovers how decisions are made in a fraction of a second and Major General Andrew Sharpe reveals the role leadership plays in decision-making. As we learn from Ryder Cup winning golf captain Paul McGinley and South African cricket coach Gary Kirsten, we need to keep making decisions and learning so being courageous and trusting our decisions is key.

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“Male suicide and mental health issues are rising. We need to keep talking and remember that asking for help will be the bravest think we ever do.”

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Episode 21

Five MENtal Insights

This year more than ever we have to keep talking, and for many men this can be challenging. On 19th November it was International Men’s Day, so I want to dedicate this episode to the mental wellbeing of men. In 2017 alone there were 6,000 suicides in the UK –...


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