Episode 49 Mastermind

Amy Williams MBE

“I visualised every corner and played it back in my mind to help me to feel more comfortable in the race”

Former skeleton racer and Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams MBE is an individual driven by ambitious goals that are backed by a disciplined process. Although unable to qualify for the 2006 Winter Olympics, she was a member of the Great Britain team four years later at the Vancouver Games. She won a gold medal, becoming the first British individual gold medallist at a Winter Olympics for 30 years.

In this Mastermind episode, I delve into Amy’s mindset and career progression that led her to winning gold in 2010. Tune in to learn more about how she handles her fear of failure, Amy’s approach to setbacks and injuries, the sacrifices she has made along the way… and how discipline and repetition are key to success.

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