Episode 75 Mastermind

Campbell Macpherson

Campbell Macpherson is an international business advisor, keynote speaker, writer and award-winning author of ‘The Change Catalyst’, ‘The Power to Change’ and ‘You: Part Two’. He has been enabling the leadership of strategic change for more than 25 years, helping organisations around the world to clarify their strategy.

In this mastermind episode we explore how we can be best primed for change. We delve into the role of communication, the impact of change on our primal instincts, and how to get out of victimhood mode.

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Listen to: Professor Vin Walsh
Episode 76

Professor Vin Walsh

Vin Walsh is Professor of Human Brain Research and Royal Society Industry Research Fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL. He has published over 300 scientific articles and several books, and his specialism is in how the brain achieves all the things we take for granted. In this episode,...


57 min