Episode 55 Mastermind

David Smith MBE

“There have been medals won along the way but my real race and purpose was to stay alive”

Many of us take our health for granted. In today’s episode, I invite you to pause and reflect on what’s important to you – and chase your goals with increased motivation. Today we are joined by David Smith MBE, the Paralympic Gold Medalist, who speaks about his battle with a rare spinal tumor and his attitude towards optimism, mindfulness and resilience.

David is a Nike Athlete, speaker, writer and coach – and he has competed internationally in several sports including GB Rowing and British Cycling. David has overcome tremendous adversity and now shares both his experience in high performance sport and his first hand experience of fighting for his life with a rare tumor and living with paralysis. He pushes both mental and physical boundaries in the hope to inspire others to live a flourishing life.

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