Episode 47 Mastermind

Dr Kate Hays Shares Winning Mindset Strategies

“Great coaches understand how to balance high performance while maintaining good mental health”

We’re kicking off the new year with a fascinating conversation with Dr Kate Hays. Kate was the lead psychologist for Team GB at the recent Tokyo Olympics and this is taken from Kate’s live Q&A session for the Sporting Edge Members Community. Kate is now the Head of Women's Performance Psychology at the FA, and has travelled extensively supporting athletes at several National and International competitions including the Olympic Games and World Championships.

We draw on some fascinating insights on how Kate defines the winning mindset, creates battle-ready athletes, builds psychologically safe environments – and develops a confidence bank account. We also unpack some powerful strategies Aussie cricket legend Shane Warne used to handle pressure.

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“After the adversity we’ve endured we need to be realistic with our goals – one poor choice isn’t a disaster”

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