Episode 32

F1 — Lessons from the Fast Lane

“The pitstop is over in under 3 seconds but if you rush it, that’s when mistakes happen.”

In continuation of the Monaco Grand Prix celebrations over the weekend, I’ve picked out some key insights from some interviews I did with the Force India Formula 1 team. Whether you’re a Formula 1 fanatic or not, find out what it takes to grow from constant competition and why you need to slow down to speed up.

Join me as we learn from Aston Martin Formula One Sporting Director Andy Stevenson, Head of Trackside Systems Integration at BWT Racing Point F1 Team Mark Gray, and Senior Race Engineer Jakob Andreason. We explore the power of shared goals and simulation, dynamic feedback loops, dealing with setbacks and the importance of continuous learning.

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“There is nothing to fear in failing, it’s probably the best learning experience you can have.”

Listen to: Gareth Southgate OBE
Episode 33

Gareth Southgate OBE

As the manager of the England national football team, Gareth Southgate OBE is a true role model for the new era of leadership we’re all facing. As a down-to-earth character, we can all learn from his empathy, authenticity, and clear communication. In this episode I set out to explore his...


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