Episode 42

High Performance in Hybrid Teams

“We have a unique opportunity to create a better working environment than we’ve ever had before”

In this new way of hybrid working, how do we create high performance teams? Some of us may thrive working from home, whilst others much prefer being back in the office. Either way, the 9-5 structure is being phased out and leaders need to consider the best routines, expectations, and environments to generate great results. In this episode, I explore some key insights from Sporting Edge’s Digital Library about how to create the perfect environment for your hybrid team.

Learn from England Rugby coach Eddie Jones and former Chair of UK Sport Baroness Sue Campbell about resetting clear and inspirational goals. Hear also from performance coach Owen Eastwood and Professor of Organizational Behavior at London Business School Tammy Erickson about building trust and belonging within your team. We also learn about building the right working environment and how to embrace change, from Google's Kirk Vallis and strategy and change expert Campbell Macpherson.

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“Fear offers a data point and poses a question – our brain is saying ‘this seems important, do you want to continue or freeze?”

Listen to: Fear: Trick or Treat?
Episode 43

Fear: Trick or Treat?

Fear can be an intensely debilitating emotion. It’s a response to perceiving or recognising a danger or threat – and we’re all get affected by it. In this episode, I invite you to reflect over your belief systems and common fear triggers. Once we can reduce the noise, we’re no...


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