Episode 30

IPL Insights

“The Indian Premier League has created a global knowledge exchange for the game.”

The Rajasthan Royals winning the inaugural Indian Premier League in 2008 was one of the greatest fairy tales in cricket history. Today I wind the clock back to then, and reflect over some key leadership insights that lead to their success. Tune in to learn more about the mindset needed to perform under pressure and how stories and social bonds contribute to creating a high performing team.

Hear from cricketing icons Shane Warne, Kumar Sangakkara and Dale Steyn about the power of focus and overcoming doubt. Graeme Smith, former captain of the South Africa national cricket team, and ‘master blaster’ Sir Viv Richards share their leadership philosophies and managing team pressure.

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“We need to rethink our framing of Mental Health — most of the headlines are about clinical ill-health.”

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Episode 31

Mental Health — Naturally

Today we reflect over what we mean by mental health and wellbeing – and how nature plays such an integral role in sustaining a healthy mind and body. Mental health is not just about clinical issues, but about striving to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. Taking in some questions...


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