Episode 66 Mastermind

Lieutenant Colonel Langley Sharp MBE

“Leadership isn’t about rank; it’s having the moral courage to do the right thing on a difficult day when no one is looking.”

Lieutenant Colonel Langley Sharp MBE was head of the Centre for Army Leadership, part of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and is responsible for championing leadership excellence across the British Army. Having graduated from Sandhurst two decades ago, his career in the Parachute Regiment has seen him deployed to Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Whatever your field, we can all draw lessons from the army. In today’s mastermind episode, Langley shares his view of leading teams, and why it's important to have the courage to be able to step back and let go of the ego. We also touch on the role pressure, his energy management techniques and having personal freedom versus responsibility.

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“In those dark days, I learnt that you are not your thoughts, we just need to be kind to ourselves.”

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