Episode 10

Mental Wellbeing and Resilience

“Our Mindset is the engine room of our performance — everything flows from there.”

Our mindset is the engine room of our performance. So what do we need to do as leaders and performers to stay on top of our mental game? By keeping our mental wellbeing a priority, we can build resilience, withstand adversity and make high performance choices a habit.

In this episode, Jeremy uncovers the advice from top-performing athletes and business leaders like cricketer Sir Viv Richards, canoeist Anna Hemmings MBE, and Google’s Kirk Vallis. He also explores insights from leading psychologists and neuroscientists Dr. Tara Swart, Daniel Lerner and cardiovascular expert Dr Dorian Dugmore.

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“George Floyd’s death has sparked angry protests around the world. We all have a role to play in breaking the bias and stereotypes which prevent us from creating a tolerant and inclusive society.”

Listen to: Breaking Bias
Episode 11

Breaking Bias

Following the tragic death of George Floyd, it’s no surprise there’s been a global reaction of protests after three months of lockdown. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests will force our Governments to foster a more inclusive society but we all need to take individual responsibility if we are to achieve...


36 min