Episode 54 Mastermind

Professor Tammy Erickson

“My advice to leaders navigating change is to drop the word change and create a culture of experiments”

Professor Tammy Erickson is an Adjunct Professor, Organisational Behaviour, at London Business School, where she has designed and co-directs the school’s premier leadership programme for senior-most executives, Leading Businesses into the Future. She is the Founder and CEO of Tammy Erickson Associates, a research-based firm dedicated to helping clients build intelligent organisations.

In this episode, I dig into the Sporting Edge Digital Library to find out some key insights from Tammy about the future of leadership. Tune in to learn more about the language we use as leaders, the powers of remote collaboration, how to think like an outsider – and how to spot future leaders in your organisation.

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Episode 55

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36 min