Episode 52

Remembering Shane Warne

“It’s like the ball of the century is frozen in mid-air and we’re looking up in awe at what happens next”

The tragic news of Shane Warne’s death on 4th March 2022 has left the cricketing world in shock. He was full of life, fun and adventure and no one could have predicted this ending. Having worked with him and been friends for over a decade, the news is all the more painful. I wanted to create a fitting tribute to the man I admired so much. He was a fierce competitor on the pitch and a kind and loyal friend off it.

As I dug out old memories, I found an audio interview I recorded in his room in Jaipur during the 2008 IPL. It features three golden nuggets of Warney’s wisdom - I hope you enjoy them. Warney was one of the most confident and resilient people I’ve ever met. It was a privilege to spend time with him.

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“People think about it the wrong way around – I think discipline comes before motivation”

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Episode 53

Will Greenwood MBE

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