Episode 89 Mastermind

Mastermind - Professor Roger Steare - Rethinking leadership, ethics and organisational culture

Professor Roger Steare is The Corporate Philosopher – a senior advisor on culture, leadership and organisational development, ethics and inclusion. He has a unique track record of challenging and supporting global corporations on billion-dollar risk management and remediation programmes.

His work with BP after the Gulf of Mexico disaster was crucial to the company's recovery plan, with Roger's cultural advice and leadership training endorsed within the US Department of Justice Consent Agreement of 2016. He has advised Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Bank and RBS after the credit crisis, PPI mis-selling and Libor manipulation scandals, with his work publicly endorsed by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In this episode, Roger outlines the difference between leaders and ‘misleaders’ and provokes reflection on what ethical organisational cultures should look like. He shares pragmatic advice for leaders on forming genuine connections, reshaping meetings for psychological safety, and establishing a culture where every voice can rise above the power dynamics to enhance performance. Tune in to hear Roger’s witty insights that challenge our traditional assumptions of the workplace.

To follow Roger’s work visit his Linkedin profile or website.

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