Episode 07 Uncovered

The Essential Mental Skills for Ambitious Youngster

“Everyone talks about winning but our biggest opponent is the one our own head.”

The biggest barrier to our success is often our own mindset. Recorded especially for both parents and ambitious youngsters, Jeremy uncovers the psychology behind some of our greatest athletes. Frank Lampard, Kate Richardson-Walsh, Ade Adepitan, Sir Dave Braislford, and many more, share their best advice in this episode.

Once we understand the voices in our heads, we can develop the confidence, resilience and motivation needed to achieve our goals in school, sport and life. Enjoy this episode with your children, we hope it inspires some great conversations.

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“Mandela‚Äôs comrades, like the astronauts created a routine and a potent cocktail of realism and optimism to navigate long periods of adversity and isolation.”

Listen to: From Mandela to Mars: Lessons From Isolation
Episode 08

From Mandela to Mars: Lessons From Isolation

Returning to our normal lives still feels like a long way off for many of us facing lockdown extensions. So how can we learn from those who have coped in true isolation? Jeremy reflects over his conversations with anti-apartheid campaigners Ahmed Kathrada and Denis Goldberg, who were imprisoned alongside Nelson...


53 min