The Winning Mindset for Leaders

In a bygone era, the iconic leader could sit at the top of the corporation directing the well-oiled machine to become ever more efficient. Relying on a track record of success and stability, the pressure came from growing the market share and driving down cost. In 2021 leaders would love this simplicity but instead they sit in the middle of a psychological crisis with high levels of expectation and accountability to deliver results in a period of unprecedented uncertainty and change.

The fact is business is more complex than ever, so rather than expecting the threat to subside we need to bolster our coping resources. With no signs of the turbulence easing, leaders need to act swiftly to keep themselves and their businesses relevant. Rather than staring deeper down and into their businesses, leaders should be looking up and out to see how different industries are coping with the same challenges.

Leaders play a critical role, talking about abstract principles of engagement, innovation and collaboration is not enough and having them written on the reception wall doesn’t help. Companies frequently redefine the architectural elements of structure and process yet see over 70% of their transformation efforts falling short because they failed to prioritise the intangible psychological elements. In times of chronic uncertainty, the soft skills have become the hard skills and they now need to become an organisation’s primary focus to ensure that any structural changes take effect.

The rules of leadership have changed.

This whitepaper features selected insights from Sporting Edge’s research into the Winning Mindset for Leaders and outlines the six strategies leaders need to keep themselves and their businesses ahead of the game.

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